Donkey Kick to Handstand, I Did It!

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Inversions used to be very hard for me. Actually, the fear of them was hard to overcome. I had these fears in my head like: What if I fall and break my neck? Or crack my head open? Early on in my coaching at CrossFit LA I used to assist Andy every Tuesday night. There was a particular Tuesday class that included forward rolls. I remember being so scared to try to teach  and sharing that I didn’t know what to do and his response was something like “figure it out”. It all came from love, tough love, right?   So after many years of practicing, taking adult gymnastic classes and building up my mental game, I had a breakthrough in class two weeks ago. I was able to donkey kick to handstand. It might sound small to you all, but after overcoming the fear of getting upside down and trusting my arms, shoulders and core it became pretty easy. For years now I have been able to get upside with a lunge stance, I could even get upside down and lower down into a forward roll. But that donkey kick to handstand was still a little scary.

Today in class I called over Andy and said watch me. I was in front of the wall and I effortlessly kicked up to handstand.  He was like cool. What he didn’t know until I told him is that I watched him over the last couple years kick up and it was so beautiful. I would think in my head, oh it might be cool to do that. In fact many years back I started to practice it but it just seemed too hard. So, after sharing my donkey kick to handstand against a wall I felt very proud. It’s almost like impressing your parent, when you get that point and you know you are ready for them to watch you. That was today. Andy, thank you for your inspiration and tough love for all the years.

Thursday’s Workout

Thrusters (95/65)
Lateral burpees
*45 Double unders

Friday’s Workout

5-5-5 (9/10 difficulty)

4 RFQR (30s:30s)
L-Sit hold
Lateral KB Swings (24/16)
Handstand pushups
Row for cal
–Record total of each element–




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