Do Not Be Angry With The Rain

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Wednesday’s Workout (NO CAP)
4 Rounds, for time:
100m Farmers Carry (50% BW)
15 Burpee box jumps (20″)
10 Strict Toes to Bar

…and coming Thursday (CAP)
1mile run, then…
4 rounds:
15 Pull ups
30 Kettle bells swings (24/16)
60 Double unders

The other weekend I got a new tattoo. You can see in the photo it is still healing. The words are from a quotation by Vladimir Nabokov, “Do not be angry with the rain; it simply does not know how to fall upwards.”

For me, I have long loved these words for two reasons. One, it’s about rain. I love the rain. Two, it’s about choosing things for what they are, rather than resisting them and their nature. We can choose to be angry at the rain, but it just does what rain does. We can choose to be angry at our boss, at our loved ones, at ourselves, but each just does what each just does.

The other day I had a migraine and I chose to go to the gym to workout. I knew, based on history, I would feel weak and uncoordinated, but I wanted to move by body around. At the gym I felt the frustration, and I felt myself wishing it were another way – that I were stronger, that I were not feeling ill, that my numbers in my log book weren’t taking a dive. But I glanced at my tattoo and remembered the lesson. Not only will I not be angry at the rain, not only will I not be angry at my friends and family, but I will not be angry at my body for being what it is. It is precious and beautiful and it simply does what it does.

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