Don’t Just Sit There

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Today’s Workout

Wendler 5/3/1 Back Squat Day #1
5 x 65% 1RM
5 x 75% 1RM
5+ x 85% 1RM
– 5+ means to continue in reps after five to “not failure” (one rep before failure)
Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
10 Kettelbell Snatch (24/16)
10 Toes to BarCrossFitters everywhere are well versed in the ideology behind a “Paleo” diet… by eating the foods we were eating 10,000 years ago, prior to the agricultural revolution, we are eating foods that we were genetically predisposed for. Have you ever thought about it in relation sitting down in a chair? Think about it… up to 200 years ago, how much time each day did a person spend sitting down? Certainly not as much as we do today – a staggering average of 8.9 hrs/day. Do you think that humans evolved to sit? How much time did our caveman ancestors spend sitting as compared to walking or squatting? Think about the impact that sitting has on the physiology of the human body and the difference it makes on the health and conditioning of the stabilizing muscles of your torso and the structure of your spine.

If you are experiencing occasional, mild, chronic, or more severe back pain, it may have a lot to do with your daily sitting habits. According to Your Office Chair is Killing You from Business Week, it may even have an impact on your body fat percentage.




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