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Week 11 of 14: PRACTICE

A) 5 rds, each for time on the 3:00 of:
50 DU’s
30 squats
10 Thrusters @ 60%

B) For time:
10 HPS, 20 TTB
8 HPS, 16 TTB
6 HPS, 12 TTB
4 HPS, 8 TTB
2 HPS, 4 TTB
**HPS @ 67.5%

Week 11 of 14: PRACTICE

A) 3 individually timed rds on the 7:00
1) 600 run,10 broad jumps (7/5), 10 TTB
2) 400 run, 20 broad jumps, 20 TTB
3) 200 run, 30 broad jumps, 30 TTB

B) 3 rds on the 4:00 of:
min 1: 3DL @ 90-92.5%
min 2: rest
min 3: 15 CTB Pull-ups
min 4: restMy first triathlon was a success. Was I excited about it? Not really. I dreaded it. I’ve always held the ocean in a kind of awe. I love the idea of it, being comfortable in it, experiencing its power. And I’m pretty terrified of it.

Did I train for the triathlon? Not really. I learned to swim in the ocean, but my anxiety kept me out of the water a lot. I crossfitted pretty regularly, so there was that. And I rode my bike to work a lot.

Then came the day of the tri. It was time to put all the yammering and complaining behind me and dive in. Which I did. And I had a great time.

In spite of what I thought, the swim was the easiest part. I loved it. The bike was great, too. But I’ll be honest, I’ve ridden further than 12 miles on a commute, so it wasn’t a really big deal. Even the run, in spite of the discomfort, went better than I thought.

Bottom line is that in spite of the fact that the process was filled with anxiety and dread, I had a really good time with friends and I can thank this experience for at least 2 things. One, it got me into the ocean. I swam (a little) and I bodysurfed (a lot) for my training. I wouldn’t have done that without the tri. Two, it got me back on my bike. Which I love and had just gotten lazy about (so lazy, as a matter of fact, that it was still locked up in the laundry room of the building I used to live in and I moved over a year ago).

I didn’t really think that a tri was my thing, but it gave me some really fun stuff. And I’ll probably do another one. With a bunch less complaining this time.

Here’s a little ditty to brighten up your day.
Happy Thursday!

Who is that tattooed man?



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