Dossy’s Balls of Fury!

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The pies this weekend were insane. Evan’s, “Crack Pie,” temporarily turned me into Homer Simpson…

Thanks to John “Quality” Bonds we now have a Ping Pong table. By Thursday night we will have 2 more tables making, “Dossy’s Balls of Fury,” a reality at CFLA. If you are just hearing of this for the first time, “Dossy’s Balls of Fury,” is an esteemed ping pong fund raising tournament for players of all levels that appreciate laughter and awesomeness. ¬†We’ll be gathering on Thursday nights for this ridiculousness. Come by at 8 to check it out (asking $10 contribution/$10 to play) – winners walk with money – all walk with fun sauce.

Monday’s Workout

A) 5 RFT
5 Jerks (60%)
10 Air squats
200m Run

B) FQL, working up across sets
7 Sets
2 9-yd Plate pushes + 2 Front squats

And Coming Tuesday

200m MB run (20/14)
30 Alt DB snatches (50/35)





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