There is constant stimulus all around of us. Usually from the time the alarm rings until you choose to switch everything off. We are bombarded with a stream of emails and social media, kids in need, cars driving by and just the every day noise of life, it’s a lot to take in.  It’s good to slow things down daily and just be.

In my 7am class on Wednesday morning we checked back in with our “why?” for being here. It’s always great to hear why people are here. Some come to get fit and lose weight,  others come in for a challenge and to learn something new. While others are here for the structure, coaching and community. Whatever reason you are here, it’s a valid reason. Some days it might feel like there is no time, or how do I get up and get going? This is when you can reach back to YOUR “why?” and recommit.

Stillness and silence can be a helpful tool to get back in touch with your “why?” for any part of life. Some of you might be thinking, I don’t have time to do that. Those of you that are thinking that are exactly the ones that need to slow things down.  Just a few minutes alone, all to yourself or even just taking a few breaths in a stressful situation can bring you back to your centered self. The person who is enough and who can handle anything.

Complete stillness would be the best, but maybe you just start with slowing down during your daily life. There are some amazing benefits to being still. It allows your body and mind to rest and digest. It also can be helpful to appreciate what you have like the little things in life (aids in gratitude and happiness) . It can help you pay attention to detail (Quality Movement?!).  Whatever way you choose to slow down and quite down I hope you enjoy the benefits.

Today’s Workout

     Box squats

B) 4 RFQ
     10 Strict pullups
     10 Strict ring dips
–3min Rest between rounds–

And Coming Friday

CF OPEN 16.5


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