Dremel – for calous free hands!

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If you’ve been training with us long enough, your hands probably look worse for the wear – with calouses in various stages of dis-repair. You’ve also probably also had the unfortunate experience of having a calous rip off your hand, leaving a painful, bloody hole where a nice calous of dead skin used to be.

To keep your hands baby soft, prevent nasty rips, and to keep you in good graces with your significant other, we highly recommend using a Dremel (thanks Michael Street)! This high speed rotary tool has a sanding barrel attachment that will file down the calouses on your hand, leaving them nice and smooth, virtually un-rippable, and baby soft! You can get them at any hardware store or check them out at Dremel.com.

WOD (workout of the day)
3 rounds for time of
50 squats
21 pull ups
21 dips
10 hang power cleans – 95# bar



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