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I’m excited to announce that on Saturday, August 22nd, from 11:30-1pm, I’ll be hosting a Stongwoman Society CFLA Move It Event: A workout/fundraiser for Dress For Success.

D4S is an amazing organization that collects business attire and outfits for women in transition – many who have been or still are homeless, many who are, in general, experiencing a very tough time. The clothes are meant to help women go into interviews for new jobs feeling more prepared and confident, buying into the adage that often when we look sharp, we feel sharp. When the women land jobs, more clothes are given to them so they have some variety in their work wear until they are more on their feet. D4S also gives workshops on interviewing well, resume writing, and the general job-search process. They have helped 850,000 women worldwide since their inception in 1997. I am honored to host an event for them.

That Saturday, bring cleaned, business clothes that you no longer use. Bring items that YOU would wear in an interview. As always at CFLA, we emphasize quality over quantity. Also bring great-quality shoes, handbags, and accessories you are ready to part with. D4S has stated that they are in most need of suits and dresses in sizes 2 or smaller and 16 and larger, but they will not turn away nice items in sizes in between.

We plan on having a fun, team or partner workout that day. Bring your friends of family if you like! Men please come, too, but only bring women’s clothes. If you have no clothes to give, cash donations are great, too. I’ll leave that up to your discretion – any amount acceptable. If paying by check, make out to “Dress For Success.” The workout will not count toward your regular CFLA membership. I will take all the clothing to their downtown office after the event. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Mark your calendars. I’m very excited about this event and hope you are, too!


Tuesday’s Workout
Practice Recovery

A) 4 RFQ ≤70 RPE
18 Air squats
12 Pushups
6 Burpees to target
–2-3min Rest between rounds–
–SOMSAVS scoring–

B) FQL, working up across sets
Back squats
Accumulate 1000m Running.

And Coming Wednesday





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