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“Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best you are capable of becoming.” – John Wooden

Wow. If you want to be inspired for a moment, just search for a list of John Wooden quotes online, and you probably won’t be able to pull yourself from reading all of them. I was reminded of the above quote in particular during our Coaching Development Program meeting this past weekend. It’s extremely striking, because it directly speaks to what we do here at the School of Mastery.

In our context training we focus not just on the results of our training but also on the process. That process involves purposed effort toward an appropriate priority for any given day. Sometimes we can tend to ignore effort, because it can be so intangible and hard to measure. But it is important. Consider the effort required for a student with well-developed pull strength to complete 10 strict pullups, contrasted to the effort required for a student who struggles with the pull to complete 2 strict pullups. The latter example could very possibly require more effort!

Effort is a constant in our training that should always be praised and rewarded. On practice days, you may not produce produce perfect technique, but you can always make the effort to move with the best technique you are capable of. On Competition Days, you may not be the fastest in the class or as fast as you think you should be, but you can always make the effort to move as fast as you are truly capable of (with safety and acceptable technique). On Mental Toughness Days, you may not be the calmest person in the room, but you can always make the effort to actively engage your mind and control your breath as much as you are capable of.

It’s not merely about having the best quality, best performance, or most composed finish. So just show up and allow your heart and mind to fuel your best effort to become the best you are capable of becoming in the moment.

Thursday’s Workout

A) Pushup Rager
Focus on shoulder loading

200m Run
24 RKBS (24/20)

In 20 min, work up to heavy
3 Position clean (low to high)

And Coming Friday

“Franklin Hill”
2 Rounds on the 15:00
Up, over, back, and up
–See 6/30/15–




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