Eat Your Red Meat in Peace

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Today’s Workout
Box Squat
– work up to a heavy single

Bottom-to-Bottom Tabata Prisoner Squats
Finish with 400m run
– Score is total reps of prisoner squats and 400m run time.If you’ve been abreast of the health news over the past week, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the study that came out claiming that all red meat will kill you (dramatic headline, don’t you think?) When I first read the headline (it was emailed to me by a concerned friend), I too was alarmed. How could this be? And then I red a little more about the study, and that it was totally based on a questionnaire. From my own experience with food journals and questionnaires, the question is never IF someone didn’t report something they thought or knew was bad for them, rather, HOW MUCH? So I was fairly confident that although it claimed a huge published headline, that it very likely wasn’t the study upon which to base my opinion about red meat on.

Then, last Wednesday, in my regular scanning of the health and fitness blogs I frequent, I noticed the article about it on Mark’s Daily Apple. If you’ve never been to Mark Sisson’s site before, you really owe it to yourself to take a gander. He’s a wealth of knowledge and experience, and regularly publishes articles and nuggets of info about the world of health and fitness. This was one of those gems… written by a guest poster, Denise Minger, who takes the time to debunk the study thoroughly.

And speaking of Mark Sisson, he’s going to be at CFLA this Wednesday night from 7 – 9pm for an informal talk and q & a. He’s one of those health and fitness experts that is in high demand and rarely speaks to small groups like this… it’s a rare opportunity to get to spend some time with him like this. To register, please click here. Hope to see you here!

Not the LA Marathon, but running just the same!



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