Economics and Weight Loss – Will it Work?

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Today’s Workout

CF Games SoCal Sectional WOD 2
“Double Down”

Part 1:
4 rounds for time of:
9 Cleans (135/95)
6 Handstand Push ups

Part 2:
30 Hang Squat Snatches
30 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
750m Row

– start Part 2 exactly 20 minutes after starting part one
– cutoff time for both parts is 15 minutes
After reading Nutrition: Rise in Soda Price Linked to Better Health, I was curious… what is more effective for preventing the consumption of an unhealthy product, education or taxes? I did a quick google search and found this articleTAXATION AND PRICE, and though it does come from a biased source (, the the statistical evidence for taxation effecting behavior appears irrefutable. So why the big objection to the tax? Should people be responsible for themselves? Of course. Should they avoid soda and sugar? Of course. But the simple fact is, they’re not. So if, as a society, we have a system that isn’t working (education, parenting, and people being responsible for themselves), and if there is a simple solution that has proven effective in the consumption of tobacco, then why not?

Devin gets inverted.



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