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Wednesday’s Workout

…and coming Thursday (CAP)
Hang Power Snatch (115/75)
Clapping Push-upsI am living proof that the things you learn at CFLA will stick with you for life. It is no accident we’ve always referred to it as a school and to you as students. When participated in fully, it is an education. And in the classical sense of education, you, the students, are meant to learn through exploration and the asking of questions.

I have put my CFLA education to use in many ways, but my upcoming application is most exciting to me at the moment. Today, as you read this, Winslow and I are erecting our garage gym in our new home. Its an epic two-car garage affair that only two former CrossFit coaches could build. Given that I work at home two thirds of the time, I may rarely find reason to leave the house again.

But, more importantly and more relevant to you, we are launching our home gym training by starting the Wendler 5/3/1 program, a program I first learned about while at CFLA. It may be what we stick with, it may not. But it gives me a place to start, a plan to follow, a stick to measure against, and a place to ask questions from.

What you learn at the gym is meant to educate you, to make you a person of questions and critical thought. Ask yourself what are you learning, what are you missing, what passions has CFLA exposed, and what curiosities has it piqued? What has worked for you and what has not, and why? You enrich your environment when you pursue your education. You deepen the CFLA community when you bring your deeper student to class in you. Bring yourself, your questions, your goals, and your thoughts.

Consider: You are not a gym member. You are a student. This is not a workout. It is an education for life.




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