Establishing Patterns

PT Test Day!
Max Pull Ups
Max Push Ups
Max Tuck/Chair Sit
Shuttle Run
50m Sprint
Max Sit Ups, 1 min.
Max Squats, 1 min. Imagine if you had learned the proper squat form as a little kid. Or imagine you learned how to do cartwheels, flips, and hang upside down without fear. What if certain movement patterns became “normal” for you at such a young age that you were able to keep moving that way your whole life? Imagine all the things you wouldn’t have to UNlearn if you had burned them in the proper way when your brain was fresh and soaking up all the information it could. CrossFit Kids is about building the BEST version of your child possible – the strongest, most agile, most able to dive into sports and least likely to get injured. Establishing good movement is the foundation for all of this.

Jacquelyn learns to row.

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