Evolving The Class Experience

We as a staff at the School of Mastery are always looking for ways to enhance the experience and coaching given to all of our members. Our drive to make this place better has led us to make improvements such as implementing our Fundamentals program for all new students, adding specialty programs like Tri Club and Speed Team, refreshing and renovating parts of the facility, providing a suggestion box to hear from you, etc.

There are also steps that we can take now to provide a more optimal experience in class. Many of our weekday classes include several parts to class (filling up most of the hour) and/or require a lot of equipment (filling up most of the room). So, the need for a clear system for class caps and class reservations during Mon-Fri has become important.

We’ve had a reservation system for quite some time now, and members have used this system to guarantee a spot in a class that may end up reaching the class cap of 16 people. However, it is quite common that when a class does fill up, the coach will try his/her best to find a way to accommodate any additional students that arrive for that class. We have tried to avoid having someone who made the effort to come to the gym wait an hour for the next class.

While we appreciate the value in turning nobody away from a class, we also recognize some drawbacks to this process, two of which are listed below:

  1. TOO MANY PEOPLE IN THE ROOM – Of course, a class full of >16 people typically can have an incredibly energetic and positive environment. But, when we are over the cap, there is less room on the floor for equipment, which can lead to an increased chance of accidents and injury. Secondly, the additional students in the room skew the coach:student ratio, which can minimize the time that the coach’s eyes can be on each student, and minimize the amount of personal interaction the coach can have with each student. Thirdly, often the group is split into two rooms when there is a class of >16 people. This segregates the class, when we would prefer everyone to be together as one unit in the same room. The class split can also further hinder the coach’s eyes on and interaction with each student. If we stick to the cap, we can provide the opportunity for a better experience and better coaching for each person in class.
  2. THE RESERVATION SYSTEM AND PUNCTUAL ARRIVAL LOSES EFFECTIVENESS – When the 16-person cap is not abided by, the reservation system is not as effective as it could be, nor is punctual arrival time as beneficial it could be. Essentially, those members who currently take the time and effort to reserve a class or arrive early or on time for a class have no advantage over not reserving or arriving later. So, if we stick to the cap, and reservations are used as they are intended, there will be less confusion as to whether or not there will be space available for each person. The number of available spaces can easily be found in advance of a class by visiting crossfitla.com/members/schedule from a computer or phone. The system, if used effectively, can acknowledge and respect those who either reserve a spot in advance or arrive in time to secure a spot.

We want to provide as much clarity around class availability as possible, and we want to do what we can to increase safety in class and deliver a high level of coaching, while still balancing a great class energy. So, with all this in mind, we’ve updated our reservation policy as follows:

  • All weekday classes are capped at 16 people.
  • A reservation can be made at crossfitla.com/members/schedule and will hold 1 spot in a class, but it is not required to attend a class.
  • Reservations for a class open 12 hours before the start of that class.
  • Upon arriving at the gym, the reservation must be checked into at the check-in computer.
  • A class that is reserved will count toward the weekly allotment of classes on a class membership, whether that class is actually attended or not, unless the reservation is cancelled.
  • A reservation for a class may be cancelled at any time until 1 hour before the start of that class.
  • Reservations for a class close 1 hour before the start of that class.

We know that every situation is unique, so there may still be the need for some flexibility around this or some exceptions. But we believe that if we follow this system as closely as we can, we will provide a smoother and safer experience for everyone in class. Please note that weekend classes will be unaffected by this, as we structure the weekend workouts to accommodate larger groups. This system is most significant for attendees of the peak classes during Mon-Fri, and we understand that this system may be new to some of you and may require some adjusting. We are here for you! If you have questions about any of this, please ask me, Kenny, or your Primary Coach.

Thursday’s Workout
Mental Toughness

50 RKBS (32/24)
100 Double unders
800m Run
–35min Cap–

And Coming Friday

Back squats

B) Handstand walk circus

8 Kipping pullups
8 Pushups
60 Double unders


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