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A) For Time
CTB Chin ups
Strict Dip
B) 4 rds on 5
400m run
5 Press @ 85%


A) BS 20RM (+5)
B) 10X for time (30 min cut off):
10 Burpees
10 Pull ups
50 DU’s
200m runI’ve been reading a fantastic book (Iron War) about the greatest ever Hawaiian IronMan battle between two of it’s fiercest competitors, Dave Scott and Mark Allen (thanks, KK, for recommending). I was struck with a passage from the book that, though written about Triathlon, I believe applies to what we do as both competitors and CrossFitters.

In his best-known paper, “Triathlon, Suffering, and Exciting Significance,” Mike Atkinson notes that numerous sociologists have observed how the ever-increasing comfortableness of the modern lifestyle has bled everyday life of “exciting significance” and how sports have increasingly stepped into the gap to give people a way to live adventurously, even a little dangerously, in an otherwise too-easy world.

For me, not only is CrossFit a way to live adventurously, it’s a way to separate myself from all the other ‘averagely fit’ people out there, bringing a level of confidence to my life and fitness that wouldn’t exist otherwise. It definitely ‘excites significance’ for me… just as it sounds like Triathlon does for many others.

What about you? Does this sociologists observations resonate with you and why you CrossFit?

Hang in there, Cameron. #midwod #todaywashard #crossfit
Somehow, I don’t think Cam’s resting!



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