Excuses, Excuses

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Excuses are great for assisting your mind in convincing you that you can’t do something (watch the Nike commercial video below.) Not fast enough, too old, not naturally gifted, can’t jump, uncoordinated, etc. Did you ever wonder which came first, your inability to do something, or the story in your head (excuse) about it? Which is truly responsible? When you take a look at the leader boards on the walls of Petranek Fitness, they are filled incredible times, feats of strength, speed, power and endurance, all performed by our students, who are, for the most part, “regular” people, doing extraordinary things. They weren’t willing to listen to excuses or stories or public opinion. They were willing to go for it, in spite of their own fears, discomfort, insecurities, and an outside world that would agree it’s impossible. Well it’s not, and they are – “Doing the Impossible.”

Today’s Workout
3 x 800m sprints
– take as much rest between each effort as necessary



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