Exercise Your “Show Up” Muscle

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A) EMOM 10 min. 3 Pos. Sq. Sn.
1 – High hang
2 – Low hang (below knee)
3 – Sq Sn.
B) 5 rounds for quality:
6 Strict HSPU
12 weighted situps (25/10)
***3 abmat or less. no momentum for situps
C) 3 rounds for time:
15 Thruster @ 47.5%
50 DU


10 Burpees
10 Pull ups
50 DU’s
200m runYesterday, I wrote a post for the Whole Life Challenge that was about showing up – and it’s so important that I think it bears repeating.

“Remember, what we’re working on developing is your “Show Up Muscle”. What’s that mean? It means that every day, in spite of how you’re feeling and all the other things going on in your life that allow you to make the excuse “I’m too busy”, that you’re practicing SHOWING UP for yourself. It almost doesn’t matter WHAT you do… what matters is that you DO – take action.

Think of it like this… you’re on a journey, an expedition, with a group of people… and the only way you get to your checkpoints each day (and ultimately your destination) is by doing the simple, often mundane tasks that move you forward down the trail – pitch campsite (tent, sleeping bag, food, clothes, fire, stove) take care of feet, boil water, cook meals, strike campsite, load gear into pack, carry it to your next destination… all this – day after day after day. Those tasks are not fun, in fact, far from it. And yet the satisfaction you get from doing them your survival and continuation of your expedition require it.

That is literally the description of the journey to elite fitness.

One thing you may find… as you focus on the daily, often mundane tasks like eat, sleep, exercise, mobilize, or any of the things that jump into your mental to do list when you think of your health and fitness… that your destination becomes less important than the steps you take every day to move forward. As I like to remind myself, the joy is IN the journey, not in the destination.

What are the things that you are committed to doing, day in and day out that have either given you the results your proud of over the past few years, or you can tell are going to give you the results you’re looking for?




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