Exercise vs. Training

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Wednesday’s Workout (NO CAP)
Push or Split Jerks

Kettlebell Sumo deadlift high pull (24/16)
Kettlebell Swing
Kettlebell Snatch

… and coming Thursday (NO CAP)
Tabata Squats
Deadhang Pull ups in 7 min.
150 Sit ups for time

Use a continuously running clock. Pull-ups start at 4:00. Sit-up timer starts at 11:00
Scores are: Tabata squats total reps, Pull-up reps, & Sit-up timeIn my current job as Managing Editor of BreakingMuscle.com one of the major perks is that I get to spend a lot of time talking with world-class coaches. A number of them are regular contributors to the site, including the one and only Charles Staley. Charles keeps a weekly athlete journal with us, logging his training. And training is what he does. He makes a clear distinction between exercise and training, in fact, and did so concisely in his chart below. This chart is part of a seven-part presentation of his available on YouTube.

Take a look at it and ask yourself – are you training or are you exercising? I know CFLA prescribes workouts that are “training” for sure, but what about your approach to them? Do you see them as training? Are you performance based? Are you focused on skill? Or are you an exerciser, burning calories and punishing yourself?

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