Training vs. Exercising

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CrossFitLA ImageExercising is something many people do to make themselves feel fit. You’ve seen examples of this: people on the treadmill reading the newspaper; a person moving through the machines, taking lots of breaks, talking to their trainer, looking hardly like they’re “working.” These people get to feel good about themselves because they’ve “checked the box” on their to do list labeled “workout.” These are also the people you see whose physiques never seem to change.

You will never see our clients doing “cardio” while sitting on a bike, reading a magazine. Nor will you see them “exercising” using a weight machine. Our workouts are intense – challenging you and your body to do things you never dreamt possible. They require you to be mentally alert, present and focused and will call upon your coordination, agility, strength, speed, endurance, stamina and flexibility. This is what we call “training” – and its purpose is to make improvements regularly in all areas of fitness.



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