My Experience at Pause Float Studio & Their WLC Offer to Us!

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I began a regular yoga practice because it creates space. It clears mental and emotional space for sure, but most tangibly, yoga creates glorious physical space between my joints, my bones, in the lengthening of muscles. Within this space, I find relief.

What intrigued me about trying the sensory deprivation pods at Pause Float Studio is the suspicion that I could find similar space while floating.

I’m not going to lie. I was nervous about trying this. But the claimed benefits of floating are extensive and impressive, and I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to experience it for myself. I could handle a measly half hour sealed in a pod void of sound and light, couldn’t I??

But before I pod’ed, I sauna’ed. Infrared saunas are the other experienced offered at Pause Float. I love heat therapy in general, but again, the apparent benefits from using an infrared sauna were many and are hard to ignore. When the front-desk women listed them quickly, I couldn’t really wrap my mind around them. I think she said my mitochondria would be healed. Not kidding. Whatever was going to happen, I would be healing from the inside out apparently. I was ready! The sauna itself was pretty luxurious — I had it all to myself — though the benches were fairly short so I couldn’t lie down all the way. But other than that, I spent a very relaxing 30 minutes envisioning my happy, recovering mitochondria.

After the sauna I was led to the pod, and I played off my apprehension well as I was told the process. I listened very intently to every word of instruction. Then it was just me and the pod. I climbed in like I was approaching a rabid dog, like, “Be nice to me, pod. Don’t kill me, please.” You have the option of leaving on a light and/or leaving on music, which is soft and yoga-like. I opted to turn off the light, but I left the music on as a safety sensory. Then I laid back and let myself pop up like a buoy in the water full of magnesium sulfate. I spend the first five minutes hatching my escape route. Then I started taking stock of what was going on in my body. I became acutely aware that it took a herculean effort to relax my neck, my chronic trouble spot, My lower back wanted to stay tight as well. I was willing both of them to release tension and I was surprised that they didn’t respond even when I was in the most supported and suspended of ways. Finally I figured they would eventually relax just by virtue of floating, which they did, thank god.

I think like most experiences — especially ones that have a huge benefit — surrendering to it is the best play. After I surrendered — after that 15 minute conversation with my neck and back — I waffled gently between this is amazing and wtf is going on; between wow this is blissful and whoa this is nuts. The front-desk woman did explain that 60 minutes is better because we usually need time to quell the thoughts and get into the zone, and by the end of my 30-minute session I was beginning to understand what she meant. Next time I will definitely go longer.

After visiting Pause Float, the space I was yearning for, which I had suspected I would get from the experience, was there. I sighed as I walked to my car. My left hip nagged a little less. I felt a little taller. Even my neck felt a little less … compressed. It was really nice. It’s the feeling I chase. And I imagine regular visits to the pod (and the beloved sauna) would be an excellent supplement to my recovery routine. I look forward to going back.

Tamara from Pause Float Studio has generously offered Oak Park/CFLA a special discount for anyone playing  the Whole Life Challenge, which starts this weekend. She has also offered three prizes for our top WLC players! I highly recommend taking advantage of this offer. Even if you aren’t in the WLC, I recommend checking this out. WLC’ers: contact me directly for this special pricing and I will hook you up with Tamara’s contact info. P.S. There’s still time to register for the WLC. Click HERE and join team CrossFit Los Angeles.   


Friday’s Workout

A) 4 Rounds
:40 :20
-Seated partner med ball pass
-Single leg step up to balance

B) 5 RFT
8 Deadlifts (50% or less)
12 Kipping Pull ups

Saturday’s Workout

WLC Prelims!
800M Run
75 Squats
50 Sit Ups
25 Push Ups
With time remaining, as many burpees as possible

If you are not signed up for the Whole Life Challenge, feel free to stop in somewhere during regular weekend class times to get in a heat a do the workout.

Sunday’s Workout

20 Over Head Squat (95/65)
1 mile Run
15 OH Squats
800m Run
10 OH Squats
400m Run
5 OH Squats
200m Run

Monday’s Workout

“Kelly “

400M run
30 Box jumps (24/20)
30 Wall balls (20/14)



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