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Today’s Workout

1 mile run for time

3-5 minute rest

50 push ups
100 sit ups
50 push ups

3-5 minute rest

1 mile run for timeI recently heard a comment from Jim Wendler about his weightlifting progressions (thank you Burch). Apparently he gets questions all the time from people concerned about the amount of weight they are working with. A common concern is being able to do “too many” reps on the “plus” rounds. How many are correct? 5 extra? 10? 15? If I can do 20 reps is the weight too light? His response is consistent and simple. Never go up more than 5 or 10 pounds per wave. “Think 2 years…not 2 months.” Basically, don’t worry too much about today’s workout. Don’t freak out about tomorrow or even next month. The results come from consistency in the effort.

I’m always so tempted to fulfill on short term gratification at the expense of long term goals simply because I want to feel great right now! Even though I know the long term is really what I’m after. We are finely tuned to pursue momentary rewards. It is pure reaction. Instinct. The result of millions of years of survival. There’s nothing wrong with it. It feels great and our instincts are responsible for turning us from beasts to humans beings. The difference is really right there a few sentences back – what I “know” versus “feels great.” Planning versus reaction. Our humanity versus our animal nature. 2 years versus 2 months. Where do you notice the difference in your life?

Brandy enjoys the quiet before the storm



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