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Irish writer Samuel Beckett said, “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”

imageAs obscure as a proclamation of “Fail Better” may seem, I’ve personally adopted it as a life motto. If I can be brave and vulnerable enough to put myself so far out there that I sometimes — or often –fail, it means I truly know how far my best is. And if I keep working at (writing, running, parenting, lifting…) then my point of failure will extend further and further. Failing better means I’m progressing and ultimately succeeding more.

A couple months ago Chino walked in with a sweatshirt of his own design with “Fail Better” on the front in one of his signature and artistic fonts. I nearly ripped the hoodie off his back. Instead, I asked him to design a simple “CFLA” around the saying┬áso we could make a hoodie for the gym. The first wave of sweatshirts is on order in a very lightweight material in heather navy blue and light heather grey. I can’t wait. We hope you love them, too.


Friday’s Workout

8 Power snatches (40%)
8 Plate chops-R (20/15% BW)
8 Plate chops-L
200m Run

Front squats (60-65% FS or +3-5)
Back squats
–5min Cap–

3 Sets @ 85% C&J
2 Jerk drives
1 Split jerk

Monday’s Workout
Recovery Practice

FQIT @ </= 7 RPE

100 Double unders
–2:00 Rest–

50 Wallballs (20/14)
–2:00 Rest–

25 MB Side throws-R
25 MB Side throws-R
–2:00 Rest–

50 Alt KB Snatches (30/22% BW)
–2:00 Rest–

100 Double unders

–SOMSAVS scoring–




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