Family First!

If anyone follows me on Instagram, you knew that I was celebrating the holiday weekend down in San Diego with my sister Kelly, her husband and beautiful four children, nicknamed the A-Team.  We spent time in La Jolla, Pacific Beach, and on Easter Sunday went to Universal Studios Hollywood!

I have three older sisters, and eight kids between them.  This was the first family group to come out and visit me on the west coast since moving here in June of 2014.  We had a blast as I love spending time with my nieces and nephews. 

I believe that family serves us as a primary and strong foundation, one that provides support, care, and unconditional love.  We should not take family for granted, cause we only have one, and we should enjoy every moment we have with each other.

When I moved out here, I made the choice to say goodbye to everyone in my family, which was tough, but I know that they have my back, and I can always count on them when in need.  I frequently take trips back to the east coast to visit over holidays, or other special occasions, and am hoping that they all come to the BEST coast to visit me soon!

Take a moment today to be grateful for your family, reach out, and say I love you. 

Wednesday’s Workout:

Box squats

B) Handstand walk riot

C) 3 RFQR on the 4:00
12 Kipping pullups
300m Run
Max Hand-release pushups from plate
–3min Cap each round–

And Coming Thursday:
Mental Toughness

20 Box jumps (24/20)
20 Push presses (115/83)
400m Plate run (45/25)

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