Farmer’s Markets around Los Angeles

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Monday’s Workout (CAP)
Overhead Squats (115/75)
Push ups

…and coming Tuesday (no CAP)
Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
60s Handstand hold
30 Squats
300m RunWith my raised consciousness from juicing, I’ve been starting to care more about the micronutrient content in the raw vegetables that I get out of my fridge. Up until now, I never really found the need to go to a farmer’s market – we never ate enough vegetables to make it worth while going there. But now, I’m going through veggies like crazy… and I really want ones that have come straight from the farm – higher quality, less time from harvest to my juice glass and better taste! Last week I went to the farmer’s market on Saturday at Virginia Park (corner of Pico & Cloverfield) and picked up some really fresh, really awesome veggies. And that got me thinking… when, where and what are some of the other farmer’s markets that I could be going to over the course of the week?

With a little help from Google, I found this awesome resource from the L.A. Times – Farmer’s Markets – Los Angeles. It’s an interactive map in which you can click on an area and see all the farmer’s markets, OR you can select a day of the week to see where all the farmer’s markets are on that day only. Check it out, and set a bookmark… oh, and then don’t forget to GO. So worth the effort!

“Welch, envious of the pink and purple shoes Eric is wearing, knowing how well it would match his outfit, waits for his opportunity…”



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