Fear and Choffy

I have these thoughts that I think I’m going to share something deep with you all, something a bit more meaningful than granola or banana bread. Then I get in my head about how much is too much to share, or what is enough?  It all comes down to doubt. Doubt can cause a lot of fear which can stop or slow me down from doing meaningful things in life. Doubt and fear have been the biggest limiting factors of my life. My fear usually comes from the fear of failure. What if I don’t succeed when I do IT? Whatever IT is.

As I’ve learned more about myself and the world around me I’ve learned that it’s ok if I fail. It doesn’t define me, it doesn’t make me better or worse, it just is.  In fact, failure can be a good thing. It can make sure I’m putting myself out there. It reminds me that I’m human. It also can show me where my limits are and what could use some attention. One of my students gave me a shirt a couple of years ago that said “change happens outside of your comfort zone”, I was appreciative of the reminder, and hope she remembers the quote too.  It’s true, when I’m outside of my comfort zone, it is where I’ve seen the most growth happen. When I play it safe and stay where I’m comfortable not much growth usually happens, or not a lot observable growth.  So, I challenge you on the next competition day, which will be the CF Open workout or even today, remind yourself to do something outside of your comfort zone, something that scares you a little bit, I bet you won’t regret it.

Now, onto Choffy.  This is one thing that I wasn’t afraid of, just excited to try after Michael put a post on instagram a few weeks back. What is Choffy you might ask? Imagine hot chocolate (not sweet) crossed with coffee. It’s ground cocoa beans, brewed just like coffee. Jonesy ordered some the other day and has been anxiously awaiting its arrival over the last week,  I’ve received many text messages that look like this:  Choffy?  Last night was the night it arrived on my doorstep. I parked my car and saw a little white package sitting on my door step.  It was full of four different kinds of choffy, 2 light roasts, 2 dark roasts.  We made some Wednesday morning in the french press, then another batch in the italian coffee maker and let me tell you, it’s quite a little treat. The smell is amazing, it smells like a delicious bar of chocolate. The first sip is exciting and new. It’s smooth like great cup of black coffee, strong and bold. With a little added butter and a trip in the blender it turned creamy.  Post Whole Life Challenge I might add a little sweetener to change things up. But for now black Choffy it is.

Today’s Workout

     Bench presses

B) Handstand walk fiesta

C) 4 RFQR on the 3:00
     10 Strict pullups
     Max Sit to stands
     –2min Cap each round

And Coming Friday

CF Open Workout 16.1



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