Fellowship of the Doers

Today’s Workout
Squat Clean & Jerk 5-5-5-5-5 (185/125)
– Start each set of 5 reps every 2:30.
– At 11:30 on the continuously running clock, start a 1 Mile Run for time.If you were going to join this club, what would be involved? Are you already a member? Were it your club and you were recruiting members, what requirements would you create for joining?

I’ve been reading the biography of Theodore Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States. When he was 12, he decided to join this “exclusive” club. And what, exactly, was it? Well, he was a rather sickly, weak and non-physical kid; and with the encouragement of his father, took on developing himself physically. He decided that he would be a member of this club… it had no members, other than himself. On his own accord, he trained himself physically, right out of asthma and general all-around scrawniness, working out, swinging things and lifting heavy objects in a gym in the early 1870’s. Consider that for a moment – having the internal drive, desire, motivation, and initiative to take on that sort of challenge, with no community support… at 12. I can only imagine the difficulty – for me it would be like taking on the Whole Life Challenge on my own!

In my book, if you’re a CFLA CrossFitter, you’re already a member of the Fellowship… my Fellowship. And although it might not feel like an exclusive club when you’re around so many of our members that are with you, consider for a moment the millions of people in the world that simply are not. That CHOOSE not to be (and believe me, it IS a choice). You ARE elite. You ARE taking action. You are not sitting back passively letting life happen to you. You ARE in action. You ARE taking courageous steps daily. You ARE members of the Fellowship of the Doers!

That’s a whole lotta 10’s, Kenway!

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