Femme In the OC


A) Front Squat
12 minutes to find heavy single

10 min to work positioning and mechanics.

C) 5 rounds for HSPU reps:
200m run
10 FS @ 50% of days 1RM


A) Hang Power Snatch
EMOM 10: 1 Hang Power Snatch (add weight)

B) 5 rounds for Hand Release Push up reps: 2:1
10 HPS @ 72.5% of heaviest EMOM single
10 “Silent Landing” tuck jumps
Max HR pushupsHow many of ya’ll know that we’ve got an awesome group of strong, competitive women at CFLA? Well it just so happens that just for ‘fun’, they’re teaming up with some of the awesome chicks from FFOTB and headin’ down to the OC on Saturday for the “Femme Royale” competition at Orange Coast CrossFit. It’s an event for every level of female CrossFitter – from beginners to to full-on elite.

It’s a TEAM competition, so here’s how our girls have figured it out…
Niki & Lindsey – Rx
Lauren & Lacie – Rx
Hacker & Cathy Beach – Rx
Matila & Ann Marie – Rx
Dizzle & Nikki Pounds (FFOTB) – Fun
Embo & Melissa (FFOTB) – Fun
Cassie (FFOTB & Raffy (FFOTB) – Fun

There is a cheering crew headed down as well to give them that extra 12th man advantage while in the Arena… so if you want to go down an cheer them on, I’m sure they’d welcome you. Good luck ladies… looking forward to hearing all about it!

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