Fertile Ground

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September 22nd is the autumnal equinox, the first day of fall. The Earth is coming around on its orbit and will straighten up on its axis precisely this Thursday to create the perfect split of day and night. The Earth is literally showing off for us. What should we do in return?

The autumnal equinox is celebrated in a variety of ways within many different cultures. The change from summer to fall has traditionally been a time of literal harvest; crops are cleared — and enjoyed — to make way for replanting. It’s a perfect time to set or reset intentions. And can there be better metaphors than ones based in farming when it comes to intention setting? I think not. I offer you simple guidelines to set intentions in alignment with the equinox traditions. Get a piece of paper and a pen and let’s write some crazy, old-school intentions.

Balance Intentions: Though the equinox itself is fleeting, it’s a good reminder to continue to create balance and hopefully more harmony in our lives. Balance might mean taking more time for yourself, not taking work home, or spending a little less time on social media – the list is endless and personal. Sometimes we don’t even realize how unbalanced things have become until we take a step back and examine our day, our stress levels, or our health. Make a list of three (more or less – whatever feels important) things or areas in your life where you can create more balance. Write down a few actions on how to achieve this. Intentions are great, but without some “doing”, they are just words on a page.

Harvest Intentions:  The autumn “harvest” is a metaphor on a platter! Let’s count the ways: The autumnal equinox is a perfect time to take stock of what we already have. It is a time of thankfulness for sure, but also a time of farewell.  We are reaping the good stuff of what we have and what we’ve created yet leaving a blank slate to start again. This can be a reminder that we always have the ability to renew, to clear away that which doesn’t serve us. Letting go is a simple yet powerful way to improve our lives. It is an act of relinquishment. Can we relinquish anger, resentment, limits we place on ourselves? Letting go can sometimes be just getting out of our own way to let good things happen. Generosity is a another way of letting go; giving freely of time, “things”, money, and love – self and otherwise. “Being able to let go, to give up, to renounce, to give generously – these capacities spring from the same source within us.” (Lovingkindness by Sharon Salzburg.) List three things you are grateful for, and three ways in which you can let go. Bonus: write how your life will be better when you let go of these things.

New Seeds Intentions:  We can always create the highest vision of ourselves. Always. After the harvest, we are back to square one with clear, fertile ground. Hopefully with each cycle we have a bit more wisdom and awareness of how to go forward better. What do you want to do? If you “could” do anything, what is it? The slate’s clean, new, ready. What just excited you? List three things you’d like to do/accomplish/try in the coming months. Little things are good. Big, comically expansive, dreamy things are perfectly ok, too.

I don’t know about you, but I’m scribbling furiously. I take intentions and a commitment to constantly get better at this life thing very seriously. If you want to share any out loud in an accountable way, awesome – I’d love to hear them. If you want to keep them private for now because your intentions are so exciting and wildly brave, I totally get that, too.

Happy Fall, friends.

Tuesday’s Workout
Mental Toughness

Franklin Total”
0:00 Up
3:00 Across
9:00 Back up
12:00 Back across
18:00 Up

Wednesday’s Workout

Front squat (Of 2RM + 4-10lb)
75% x 5
80% x 5
85% x 5+

300m Run
20 Double lateral hops
60s Parallette hold




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