Fifty Three

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When discussing about the number of stars in the universe, 53 is not such a big number, in fact, it’s rather puny! When thinking about your age as an adult, 53 is a slightly bigger number. But when talking about the number of PULL-UPS you can do in a row, 53 is a HUGE number. Well, 53 is exactly the number of pull-ups that Bill Jordan did the other day. He’s currently in the number 1 spot at Petranek Fitness. At any age, this is a seriously amazing accomplishment, but at 56, it is on the verge of ridiculous! Are you kidding me… he can do 53 pull ups at 56 years old… next he’ll be working on the same number of chest to bar pull ups as his age! Congrats, Bill!


Today’s Workout
for time:
Row 500m
50 Pull-ups
Run 800m
50 Pull-ups
Row 500m



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