FIght Gone Bad Countdown Prep

So The 3rd annual Fight Gone Bad event is upon us and this post will help with some last minute reminders of how to pull this off successfully for both your fundraising and business… yes, this event could affect your business if you strategize. The organic emotion of the event coupled with the participation and gathering of friends/family members make this ripe for results.

Consider this the BWOD for this week:

Greeter – qualified person with a good smile (NOT affiliate owner) at the entrance with a “guest sign in sheet” to welcome, gather the client’s name who invited them (to be later sent a thank you note) and ASKED if they would like to provide their email address to be sent updates on the gym.

Organized Heats (for more than 20 participants or as equipment dictates) – emailed out Thursday night and posted the day of the event.

Photos – ask/tell everyone who attends to stay to the end so you could take a great group photo.

Check in time – everyone show up at the same time. Supporting is a must and people who finish first stay and cheer the others on.

Recognition – Has one member of your team stepped up above what was asked of them? Now is the time to shine the spotlight on them.

Recognition #2 – who earned the most?

Merchandise – have some products available with a dedicated person or two manning the booth.

Enroll don’t sell – the energy of the event will be the catalyst to take action. Personally thanks people for showing but don’t don’t inquire if they thought about doing CrossFit… if they are interested let the GUEST bring it up, answer a question or two but let them know you have to get back to your clients… they will understand and appreciate especially if they one day see themselves as your client.

Video – the video below – From CROSSFIT CENTRAL – is one of the best with the highest production values. Great job Jeremy Theil!

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