Fighting Fire with Water (and fitness, of course)

Fighting Fire with Water (and fitness, of course)

Roger sent me this picture yesterday – he is a rookie firefighter with LA City – and he’s obviously earning his keep. Roger trained with us for about 8 months prior to the academy to ensure he was physically ready. As a rookie, his station is keeping him pretty busy, but he’s hoping to get back in to train with us again soon.

Roger S - firefighting

Today’s Workout
“Double & Half Fight Gone Bad”
Complete Six, 2 minute 30 second rounds with 30 seconds between each round.
During each round, spend 30 seconds at each of 5 stations:
Wall Ball
Sumo Deadlift High Pull
Box Jump
Push Press
Score one point for each rep (calories on the rower). Score is the total number of reps over all six rounds.



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