Final Week Report

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Thursday’s Workout
Tabata Squats
Max Deadhang Pull-ups in 7 minutes
150 Sit ups for time

Use a continuously running clock. Pull-ups start at 4:00. Sit-up timer starts at 11:00
Scores are: Tabata squats total reps, pull-up reps, & sit-up time

…and coming Friday
Clean and Jerk

150 Push ups for time
(Scale to 125 for Intermediate, 100 for Beginner)
Every time you break run 40mWe’re closing in on the end of the four weeks of programming and my game, and there are some things to report:

  1. I missed two workouts at the end of week three. I was unexpectedly ill on Thursday and decided on Friday that it was just a good idea to take Friday off as well.
  2. I also missed one workout at the beginning of week four. That one was just everything that I was using this experiment to train — owning my own schedule, facing discomfort and fear, honoring my word — slithering back in and me letting them get the better of me.
  3. It was hard, but not nearly impossible. Four straight weeks of workouts is a lot and I wouldn’t do it continuously, but it was definitely worth doing.
  4. I am taking the holiday off! I’ll move around, but probably no official workouts.

It has been quite a four weeks, and I have gotten a few things out of it:

  1. I can do what I say I’ll do, when I say I’ll do it just because I say I will. There was nothing that I was going to gain or lose, it was just my say in the matter
  2. Letting people know what you are doing makes a difference. Yesterday I was going to bail out on the WOD at noon and Niki and Danette asked “Is your experiment over?” When I said “no” they asked me when I was going to workout. I knew exactly what that meant — they knew I was about to not do it for no good reason and I should get my butt down to the gym and do it. So I did. Thanks, ladies!
  3. It’s OK to show up to the class and do the workout but take it easy, go 50, 60, 70 percent. Doing a workout daily doesn’t have to mean pushing the max every time
  4. When I can’t do it, I shouldn’t. The day I was sick I just had to get that while I made a promise to myself, the bigger commitment was my health. Honoring your word doesn’t always mean doing exactly what you said but it does mean honoring that you said it. You might not do what you said you’d do, but get complete about why you didn’t. In this case it was easy — better choice to recover from illness. Just let people know when you’re not going to do what you promised. Honor that your word is actually who you are for you and for others.

It’s been fun, I feel great, and I appreciate people asking about it. The most important thing I probably learned was that having the community, having a “team,” making sure you have backup, is the best way to make sure to get anything done. Don’t do it alone!

Happy Holidays and I’ll see you in the New Year!




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