Find Your Happy Place

Sometimes during a tough workout, all I seem to focus my mind on is how uncomfortable my body feels, how tired I am, and how much of the workout is still unfinished. These thoughts poison my attitude and limit my performance. Yesterday on Franklin Hill I wanted a way to distract myself and my students from these types of thoughts. So, I told the students in my class to find their happy place during the workout, and I did the same when I ran the hill.

Each student chose their happy place in advance and described it to me in great detail. Zain was in a beach chair on a Malibu beach drinking a glass of white wine. He sipped on the wine during his run and refilled the glass every time he finished it. While Kevin ran, he played some of his favorite songs on a beautiful grand piano at a gig in front of a captive audience. Britt was lounging on the sand in Turks and Caicos drinking ice cold beers and enjoying perfect weather. She had a cooler next to her and ended up drinking 15 beers by the end of the workout. Steven was at his favorite burger restaurant drinking beer and savoring each bite of his burgers (He ate 10!). When I did the workout, I was snorkeling over a reef in the Caribbean Sea with my wife, holding her hand with my right hand (DETAILS!). I saw amazing fish, and I could feel and hear the playful water I was immersed in.

We all agreed that the happy places helped fuel us. Of course, however, all of the things in our happy places were created in our heads; we weren’t really doing those things. But any thoughts that we’re too tired or too uncomfortable to go any further or faster are things that are created in our heads too. They just are not true. So, if our minds can fabricate ideas to slow us down or try to stop us, then we can also use our minds to create ideas that can overrule those fabrications and motivate us to keep going. Try this in one of your workouts, and then apply it to a situation in your life. It worked for Happy Gilmore!

Thursday’s Workout

A) FQL, working up across sets

B) “Fran”
21-15-9 (95/65)
–10min cap–

And Coming Friday
Practice: Recovery

A) Air Squat Soiree
Focus on spinal extension

B) EMOM 10, working up across sets
2 Push presses
3 Push jerks

C) FQL, working up across sets
Overhead squats

Accumulate 1000m Running

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