Finishing What You Started

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Week 12 of 14: PRACTICE

A) 2 rds for total reps of:
In 2 min:
250 row then complete as many burpees in remaining time
:60 rest
In 2 min:
250 row, then complete as as many strict pull ups as possible
:60 rest

B) 3 rds on the 4:
0-1 min 5FS @ 82.5%
1-2 rest
2-3 20 TTB (must complete in :40)
3-4 rest

Week 12 of 14: PRACTICE

A) 3 RFQ
30 butterfly sit ups
10 HSPU (kipping ok)
30 Butterfly sit up
20 strict push ups

B) EMOM 10 for load and reps
O: 2 snatches
E: :30 max du’s

C) 2 min max thrusters @50% of 1
Yes… finishing is tough. Sometimes it goes exactly according to plan. Other times, more often, it doesn’t, and in the moment, finishing looks pretty much impossible. Lots of times finishing is painful, really painful. Sometimes it happens according to schedule. Sometimes it takes longer… much longer.

We had 5 CFLAers attend SealFit’s Kokoro Camp. 4 finished. One will be back again next summer to complete his journey. They all deserve a HUGE round of congratulations for even stepping up to the plate. There really isn’t anything in the world tougher than these 50 hours. At no point in the training does the finish line look close or easy. It tests you desire to finish over, and over, and over again. The willingness to take something like this on at the commitment level that these guys did, and then to show up and finish, is really amazing.

Big CFLA congratulations to Ricky, Alek, Zach, Eli and Stephen. You make us all proud, boys… the example you’ve set is one we as a community will draw on for years to come!

Hoo-rah #Kokoro30! So proud of our CFLA #SealFit participants! Amazing and emotional.



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