Fire your Clients!

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The customer isn’t always right.

There, I said it now it’s just sitting out there. Some of you might be thinking “Burch has lost his mind” or maybe that I don’t know business at all. Isn’t the concept “the customer is always right” engrained into us all?

Periodically you may come a cross a person who brings your classes down. Not just down but way, way down. Now, being a world class Coach (which I know you are), you take time out to coach them through their negative attitude, constant whining with no improvement or bad rep counting (which could piss off the Pope) or insert any other thing that doesn’t mesh with your program. So, after, like the 8th or 10th time of pulling them aside… you FIRE THEM! You owe it to your entire client base to get rid of this person. Understand this, I’m not talking about a customer who is a slow learner, a person with bad breath or a person that “you” cannot mesh with… remember, this is about your clients needs. I believe there is enough people in your community that could do what you ask of them and do so willingly. Without the tantrums. Without the gossip. Without the extra energy to fix the problems they started.

At CFLA, we’ve told a couple people, over the past 2-3 years, to not come back. You may be thinking “what do your other clients say?” They either say nothing, thank us or tell us they didn’t know how we DIDN’T ask them (the person in question) to leave sooner. Again, this doesn’t alleviate you from taking personal responsibility to be great. A great communicator, a great listener, a great athlete, a great leader, a great coach to your coaches (so they in-turn could be great as well)… but you NEVER have to be a great doormat.

To learn more read this here.

If you adopt this way of thinking you may also find that you like what you do more. It’s more fun training the people who really get what you do.

Have you had to do this?


Make a list of people who might not be members of your box much longer.



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