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16.1 was a doozy! Not just the workout, but logistically it was a challenge – and then the site kept crashing to verify scores – UG! Challenges aside, Friday night was certainly fun, but a couple unforeseen advantages of a Friday night event: No cops were called on our chanting, dancing, and music. AND it was about 20 degrees cooler than our usually Saturday events. Yay!

The results are in for our first AM vs. PM head to head … I’d first like to say: great job captains for connecting with your teams and motivating them to do/be better.

The 16.1 CFLA Open winner is … AM!

  1. Performance: AM by 159 points
  2. Philanthropy: PM by $5!!
  3. Participation: AM by 3 people!

The numbers were so close! Congrats AM.

Just a reminder: though we had some troubles verifying scores in a timely fashion because of the Games site crashing, there were quite a few athletes who had not even entered them by Monday. The CF Games site indicates we can verify until Wednesday, but for our in-house competition, we are closing validating on Monday by 5pm. But don’t wait until the last minute. Please enter as soon as you can going forward.

Here were the top performers from CFLA, regardless of team for 16.1:

RX Women:
1. Alyssa Parker 195
2. Tanya Bentley 172
3. Shirley Brown 156

RX Men:
1. Zach Goren 273 (Last minute registration – at the moment he’s not on a team)
2. Julian Fox 191
3. Auggie Quancard 185

Scaled Women:
1. Monica Sone 260
2. Diz Rivera 223
3. Miranda Naylor 213

Scaled Men:
1. Clark Porter 292
2. Steven Sone 270
3. Chip 247

Fun stuff, guys.

Any predictions for 16.2??


Tuesday’s Workout

Bench presses

B) Handstand walk rodeo

12 Deadlifts (50%)
12 Sit to stands
300m Run

Wednesday’s Workout
Mental Toughness

DB Snatches
*200m DB Run
–20min Cap–



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