First, Second & Third Pull

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If you’ve ever attended Coach Burgener’s Olympic Weightlifting Seminar, you already know that all Olympic lifting is about jumping and landing. Once you’ve got that figured out, and you’re getting full extension at your ankles, knees and hips, and your shoulders are up in your ears, then you can start working on your first pull, and conceptualizing and developing your third pull.

The first pull in a a clean is nothing other than a deadlift. It’s slow (relative to the second pull), there should be no jerking the bar off the floor since the bar is pre-loaded, and though there is no real endpoint, the second pull starts as the bar crosses the knees. In a snatch it is identical, except for your wide grip on the bar – as both Becca and Jennifer show in the picture. Becca is at the top of her second pull/start of the third pull, while Jen is at the start of the first pull.

The third pull takes place at the top of the second pull. As the bar is momentarily hovering in space, you quickly and aggressively pull your body down and under the bar where you receive it – overhead in the snatch or in rack position across your shoulders in the clean. It is very fast, and requires balance, coordination, speed, flexibility, accuracy, and agility.

Becca jumps out of frame as Jen readies for her first pull

Today’s Workout
1 mile run – for time
– rest as needed
5 rounds for time of:
5 Deadlifts – 275 / 185 lbs
10 Burpees



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