First Steps

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“Bodyweight to the Max”

Teams of 2, 1 person working at a time:

In 5min complete:
50 Thrusters (95/65)
Max Situps
-rest 1 min-

In 5 min complete:
50 Shoulder to Overhead (95/65)
Max Squats
-rest 1 min-

In 5 min complete:
50 Front Squats (95/65)
Max Push Ups


“Catch Me If You Can!”

Teams of 4, Relay serpentine style
4 rounds for time:
250m Row
12 Med ball sit to stands (20/14)
50 Double unders
200m Anything but run
What does mastery look like? At a certain point it looks like ease, grace, and flow. But at first, mastery looks like learning the steps. It might look like tripping, stumbling, and falling. No one ever got there without rote memorization, and repetitive practice.

Martial arts has it. It’s called a kata. The kata is your first step in learning the form of what will become mastery. You memorize the basic movements that make up your art. You’re not good at it, you can’t use it, and you may not even like it. But you have to do it.

if you are interested in mastery, you’ll want to be interested in learning all the steps.

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