First to 500

Friday’s Workout (NO CAP)
HSPU skill work
6 Rounds for quality:
6 Dead hang pull-ups
9 Pistols

… and coming Monday
Trevor Win-E
With a team of 4 and no more than 2 people working at a time, complete, for time:
300 Pull ups
400 Push ups
500 Sit ups
600 SquatsWe’re all pretty used to seeing milestones in people’s training celebrated with things like a PR set in a lift, or a new fastest run time, or the first time completing a WOD as prescribed. But something that is more indicitive of true health and well being is the mark of consistency over the long term… showing up day after day after day after day, in spite of all the things that can and do get in the way.

We track this at CFLA. Now we’ve only been doing that since we came to this location (about 3 1/2 years), but since then, we’ve had ONE person and one person only who has stuck with it and showed up to achieve an incredible milestone in his training – 500 Classes. Most of you will recognize his name when I tell you – and you can tell when you see him train in the incredible virtuosity with which he moves. I’m speaking of none other than Leo Bisinha.

Leo is a fixture of the 6am class (he’s the little ripped guy on the left in the front row of the picture below), so I thought it fitting to picture him with his comrades from that time of day. He’s attended 500 classes in only 2 1/2 years (although he’s been a student at Petranek Fitness/CFLA for many more than that). Please give him a shout out of congratulations – this is the sort of achievement that is indicitive of his commitment to a successful and healthy life.



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