First You Have to Ask the Right Question

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Week 13 of 14: PRACTICE

Recovery Day
A) EMOM 5 for Load
4 Squat Clean (Do not exceed 75% of 1RM)

B) 4 Rounds for Quality (RFQ)
12 Chin up (C2B)
50 DU

C) 3 sets on the 3:
3 DL @ 77.5%

D) 3 RFQ
25 squat
75 du

Week 13 of 14: PRACTICE

Recovery Day
150 Row
12 TTB
B) For time:
800 run, 25 squats at 4 corners
C) 3 rds on 3:
5 BS @ 75-77.5%Mastery – such a big word. So many meanings. So much depth. And so many potential places to begin. So where do you?

I mean is the right place to start with your body, fitness, or endurance? How about weight loss or body fat? Strength, speed, stamina, power or balance. And what about recovery? And then there is sleep, and peacefulness. Yes, that’s it, maybe start with meditation and journaling. Or the big one – flexibility – everyone could use more of that, right? But wait, we have yet to mention diet, nutrition, and food choices. That’s got to be the right place to start.

Maybe it should be about learning a new sport, or playing a new game, a skill that you’ve always wanted to learn. Or how about how to play a musical instrument? Oh – gymnastics… martial arts… mastery of body movement – yes… that’s the right answer.

But wait a second… we’ve left out the mind… reading, writing, studying. Maybe going back to graduate school and getting another degree. That would mean mastery, right? Maybe just studying textbooks, reading non-fiction, or enrolling in an online university.

But you can’t leave out the emotional realm… mastery should start with relationship with someone else… dating, socializing, learning about other people… maybe therapy or life coaching – yes, that’s it… that’s the place to start.

Whew… this list is getting long, and we’re not even close to being finished.

Maybe we’re asking the wrong question…

Maybe it’s not so important where to start… rather, WHEN?




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