Flexibility for Increased Work Capacity

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What’s the point of flexibility? Why bother stretching? “Common fitness sense” would have you believe that its for injury prevention, however, it’s never been proven that stretching helps prevent injuries. So again, why bother? Well, I’ll tell you. In CrossFit, we are training for performance. Since flexibility gives you the ability to move a joint through it’s full range of motion, and this gives you access to strength, speed and power that you otherwise wouldn’t possess, and this, in turn, increases your capacity for work and improves your performance,you can make the argument that we stretch for increased work capacity and performance. At least that is why I do it… were it not for performance, it would get left out of the equation even more often.

The most important joint for force and power production in the body is the hip joint. What muscle in your body, attached to the hip joint, is most critical for your flexibility training?

Welcome Ingrid. Nice job on those hang power cleans!

Today’s Workout

Complete 10, 1 minute sprints on the rowing ergometer
– 2 minutes rest between each interval
– make your first effort your best, note the distance, then try to maintain for remaining 9 sprints.



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