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Today’s Workout

For Time:
Ring dips (21/10)
15 DB cleans (50/35)
50 squats
400m run
Ring dips (15/7)
10 DB cleans
50 squats
400m run
Ring dips (9/4)
5 DB cleans
50 squats
400m runHow much time are you spending upside down? If the answer is that you’re waiting for the times we do it in class, and you have any desire to really learn a handstand or to be in control of your body when inverted, then you have a very long road in front of you. When you learned to walk, you practiced every day, often times for 8 hours per day. And within a few months, you got it. Now I’m not suggesting that you let it consume your life, but the only way to really effectively learn to get inverted is to practice just a little each day. “Just a little” in my book means about 5 minutes. But it really needs to be every day so that it becomes a habit, and a skill that you integrate into your arsenal. Now, what to practice… that’s a completely different subject… for now, suffice it to say, just get yourself upside down!

Carolyn, who has been CrossFitting now for almost 4 years, has NEVER gotten inverted… that is, until yesterday! Congrats, Carolyn on your first handstand!!



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