“Floating Arm Syndrome”

“Floating Arm Syndrome”

Have you ever noticed after a really hard workout that occasionally, the position that your forearms and hands naturally take is not flat on the ground as you might think – rather, it’s with the forearms and hands floating in the air – as if some invisible puppeteer has your hands strung up into the air where they just float there. Pat (left), given his excessive shoulder tightness, experiences this from way up at his shoulders; but it’s more commonly seen as James exhibits on the right from the elbows down to the hands.

Anyone else out there ever experience this or other post-workout abnormalities (e.g., “flopping fish syndrome”, etc.)??

Pat's floating armsIMG_5283.JPG

Today’s Workout

4 rounds for time
15 Jerks – 135 / 95 pounds
25 Wall Ball – 20 / 14 pounds
200m run



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