Focus Within

Tuesday’s Workout
In 35-minutes, work up to a heavy 5 rep Back Squat
– in this time, comple 3 max rep efforts of deadhang pull ups (RX – BW+35 / BW+10)
Five Rounds for max reps of floor press
In 1 minute, complete:
3 dumbbell burpees
Max reps floor press (45/30)
– rest 1 minute between efforts

… and coming Wednesday
3RM Hang Power Snatch
Every minute on the minute for 12min:
15 seconds max reps hang power snatch @ 65% of 3RM
I read a comment in one of the Whole Life Challenge forums yesterday that included a Shakespeare quote, “To Thine Own Self Be True”. That quote applies to what we do here at so many levels… in fact, so many levels that I thought I’d put it out to all of you. When you hear that quote, and you think of what you’re doing during a CrossFit WOD here at CFLA, participating in the Whole Life Challenge, or simply just going through your life, what does it mean for you?


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