Ever hear that to keep from “bulking up” and to get “cut”, you need to do weight workouts with low weight and high reps? What exactly does that mean, low weight and high reps? What will happen if you do high weight and low reps? Will you suddenly sprout muscles and look like a bulky bodybuilder?

Fogedaboudit. Here’s what you should remember – whatever you do, challenge yourself! The intensity with which you attack a workout is what makes all the difference. Mix up the reps and weight. Intensity can refer to both heart rate and amount of weight lifted, so a workout in which you do 10 sets of 2 reps can be VERY intense, even though you haven’t broken a sweat.

Whatever the workout, find the speed, weight, or reps that makes it a challenge for YOU. Then go for it. Your body will only adapt/change if you give it a reason to.

Try this… for 20 minutes, do as many rounds of 4 pull ups, 8 sit ups, 8 push ups and 12 squats as possible.

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