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Thursday’s Workout (NO CAP)
5 rounds:
400m Run
25 Box jumps (24/20)
50 Double unders

…and coming Friday (CAP)
CF Games 2012
Men’s Masters WOD

1k Row
30 Power cleans (135/95)
50 Burpees
I was lamenting recently to a friend of mine from Spain that growing up in the US, we really don’t have a whole lot of deep, culturally relevant food traditions. Whereas you can identify many cultures by the food they eat, the USA is kind of a hodgepodge of those that came from elsewhere. It’s not unusual to see Americanized versions of foods from all over the planet.

I don’t mean to deny us what we have given — BBQ, as it is widely known, is largely an American invention. There’s no doubt that hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill are attributed to the good old US of A. Steak and potatoes? You bet. And there are some examples of regional cuisines that could make the list, for sure.

A cultural tradition, however, that means something, is rooted in history, creates the nutritional backdrop, and almost gives us who we are is pretty clearly missing. It was in this conversation that I realized that the most likely candidate for our contribution to the international panoply that is the culinary world is fast food. Really. Is there any food that is more widely recognizable as “American?” Yikes.

Then I thought this — all food traditions are created. They didn’t exist before they did and it is up to us, right now, to generate a whole new food tradition for our people.

What would you foodies out there put in the cuisine “American” food? What would make you proud? What would fill your heart and soul, not just your stomach? What would you want to pass on to generations to come?

The next generation cometh



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