Foods Disguised As Healthy

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Today’s Workout

Press 3-3-3+
Wendler Cycle 1, Week 2
70%, 80%, 90%
7 Rounds, for time:
15 Push press (45/33)
10 Toes-to-bar
I stumbled across a fun blog the other day, called Nerd Fitness. Their goal is to spread information about exercise, health and nutrition, but they do so with a fun attitude. The article I read was a great example — foods that many of us probably thought or continue to think are healthy, and that are promoted in advertising as healthy, but are really junk food in disguise. How many of these have you fallen for? Any that you realized recently? Vitamin Water…Granola Bars…Smoothies??

Here’s an excerpt:
“Today, I’m exposing the Empire’s plan for world domination. They might not be rebuilding the Death Star (yet…), but that doesn’t mean they’re not still causing mayhem. In case you haven’t noticed, despite all of these “scientific breakthroughs” and healthy products readily available for sale, we’re certainly not getting any skinnier as a country. Something needs to change, and it starts with where we spend our hard earned money.

Here are seven foods that have been created by the Empire to prey upon the ignorant masses trying to get healthy. Have you fallen victim to any of these marketing Sarclacc pits? (see what I did there?)”

For the full article and to find out the seven items — Tools of the Empire – 7 “Healthy” Foods That Actually Suck

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