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Friday’s Workout (NO CAP)
Franklin Hill
3x3rd Lamppost
on the 3:30
4x2nd Lamppost
on the 2:30
5x1st Lampost
on the 1:30

… and coming Monday (NO CAP)
Squat Cleans
5 rounds for distance of:
2:00 Row
3:00 rest between roundsI’ve been engaged in a practice over the past two months of super accountability for “self-nurturing”. Prior to this, I didn’t have much of a concept even of what “nurturing” meant. I didn’t come from a particularly nurturing family (they were supportive, just not that nurturing), and the USMC, well, that’s pretty self explanatory, right? Not much nurturing there. I’m also reading a book by Stephen Covey called “7 Habits of Highly Effective Families” in which he talks about 12 hugs a day. That every person needs them – physically, visually, verbally or environmentally.

What I’ve realized is that hugs (aka. self-nurturing) can come in almost any form… and even if you’re not in a relationship or around people that provide them for you, each of us is capable both getting and giving. I give myself hugs by acknowledging my greatness before, during and after workouts… before for showing up, during for sticking with it, and after for accomplishing whatever I accomplished. Don’t worry – this isn’t something I do out-loud! I also take a moment before I go to bed each night and acknowledge all the great things I did that day (even if “great” meant just showing up for life). It’s amazing the amount of relief that provides and helps me stay in the grateful, positive, glass is half-full mode.

I’m also really fortunate to have an amazing family and community of people that regularly “hug” me… Just yesterday, I had “happy birthday” sung to me by at least 15 different people, multiple texts and hundreds of well wishes on Facebook.

I guess my point in writing this is to both acknowledge the incredible people in my life that continue to remind me of how grateful I am for them all. And to suggest to you that you try out Covey’s suggestion of 12 hugs per day – self-inflicted or otherwise.

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Alex surprises himself with a 1 hand inversion!



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