For Quality


A) EMOM 10
1 Snatch Grip DL
1 Snatch Grip High Pull

B) 10 Min MU skill work
knee and sit priority

C) For time:
1250m run
125 hollow rocks
62 1/2 pushups



Tune in to on Thursday, February 27
at 5pm for the LIVE Announcement of Open WOD 14.1.
That will be your workout for the day!As a general rule, we love quality around here, right, Niki? Mostly we’re talking about quality of movement, but when something comes along that matches our quality, capital “Q” for capital “Q,” I just gotta shout about it.

Last year, the hint of a new place opened up just down the street. Coming in May, it said. I waited. Silence. Whispers here and there on Facebook, but the end of the year came and went and still, I waited. What was coming, you ask? A butcher shop, the likes of which Santa Monica has never seen. I mean, really! How many butcher shops do you know?

And now, at long last, just down the street from our humble gym, another humble neighborhood shop has opened it’s doors. A Cut Above Butcher Shop is selling mind blowingly high quality beef, pork, lamb, chicken, and duck – Nose to tail, they bring the meat!

Now, I don’t shill for anyone, but this place just makes me so happy I couldn’t help but wanna bring it to you all. I’ve been there twice already (this week), and I’ll be heading in tonight for a fresh beef heart! Yup, that’s right. You want a part, they’ve got it. I was told that the chickens in the case last night were clucking that morning. That is fresh. No joke.

On top of selling really high quality stuff, they are a super conscientious group of people. The meat comes from local, humane, sustainable sources. Those chickens, pigs, steer, and lamb run free (until their time comes, that is). If that kind of thing matters to you, these guys have you covered. I highly encourage you to check it out. They also have a pretty good looking lunch counter – which I will likely be sampling just after the Whole Life Challenge ends.

They’re right down on Santa Monica west of 26th on the north side of the street, just past the CVS. There simply is nothing else like it on the West Side of LA. If you love meat, you needed this. I’m looking at you, John Bonds.

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