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Are you a form “Nazi”? Well if you’re not, you should be! If you regularly choose a weight for a workout that doesn’t allow you to maintain proper structural alignment and good posture, or you don’t require from yourself absolute full range of motion in your movements, well you’re in serious need of a CrossFit reality check. Do I want you to go fast and hard? You betcha! Do I want you to maintain perfect (or as close to it as possible) form? Absolutely! Fess up – post the area(s) or movements in which you are notoriously lax on yourself regarding form in comments.

Check out the photo below of the shoulder press (aka strict press), push press and jerk… Traver’s shoulder joint is completely open (his arms are at 180 degrees relative to his torso). This is the correct position for the top of a shoulder press. It’s also the correct position at which to receive the bar in the jerk. Anything less than 180 degrees at the shoulder joint, significantly compromises your entire body position, and, more importantly, your maximal overhead load.


Today’s Workout

Back Squat – 3-3-3-3-3-3
– rest –
7 rounds for time of:
5 burpees
10, 4-count mountain climbers
15 pistons

– do the pistons on the floor, not on a bench

Today is 25 burpees. Go!
“Buy-In” – 325 Burpees



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